Parting Thoughts

Hey all, Chroberry here, back for what will be my last article here at ABU Games. I know there were many of you out there asking me why my articles were getting delayed, or if I was going to keep reviewing the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week. As much as it pains me to

Highlight of the Week 03/25/19 – 03/29/19

Hey all, it’s Chroberry here back again to show you some sweet stuff. We’re gonna go through a format change here, where I’ll be bringing you a handpicked selection of cards, sealed product, or just a Magic-related product that I think is cool. Think of it as an extension of New @ ABU, but with

Cool Stuff We Bought This Week

Hey all, Chroberry here with our review of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! In the wake of yesterday’s hype announcement, people are certainly buzzing about the new-new mulligan rule that may be affecting all formats, and the possible details of the new Modern product to be announced next week. Anyway, that’s not what