Parting Thoughts

Hey all, Chroberry here, back for what will be my last article here at ABU Games. I know there were many of you out there asking me why my articles were getting delayed, or if I was going to keep reviewing the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week. As much as it pains me to

Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits

Pre-Order Today! Official launch on February 15th Each Guild Kit features a 60-card preconstructed theme deck flavored after one of the featured guilds, combining cards from every Ravnica set released so far. The reprints won’t be Standard legal. The Kits are packaged with an official guild pin, a guild sticker, a spindown life counter and an insert with mission instructions. All legendary cards in the Guild Kits

Cool Stuff We Bought This Week 1/27/19 – 2/1/19: Ravnica Allegiance Double Header

Hey all, it’s Chroberry back again with another jam-packed edition of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! This week will be a double feature, with our usual snazzy stuff, plus some cards from the new set, Ravnica Allegiance! Ravnica Allegiance is now in full swing, with heavy hitters like Hydroid Krasis making huge waves

Ravnica Allegiance: Unboxings and Sealed Products

Ravnica Allegiance official comes out today! The second block in our 3rd return to the Ravnica plane, and it doesn’t look to disappoint. In this set we catch up with other 5 guilds that were not in the Guilds of Ravnica set. Azorious, Rakdos, Gruul, Simic, and Orzov come to power in this new set,