Cool Stuff We Bought This Week 2/2/19 – 2/8/19

Hey all, Chroberry here, back again with another rundown of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! We had a LOT of nice cards come in this week, so it gave me a ton of stuff to choose from. I’ll be honest, it was a bit difficult to select which ones made the cut. You’ll see why down below.

This first one is a bit funny, as these exact Underground Seas have come across my desk before, many months ago! If you ask me, fortune favors the patient, as the trade credit for these bad boys was absolutely staggering. Coming in at our PLD-SP grading, we offer $7125.00 a piece. You could have 2 Underground Seas from Alpha, or a 2016 Honda Civic with options. OR, you could purchase roughly 14,000 McDoubles. Staggering.

Maybe a little less exciting, here’s one of the funniest cards I’ve seen come in. This Visions Impulse was errata’d to not have a shuffle clause not long after its release. The previous owner of this card simply didn’t want to forget that and took a Sharpie to the text box just to make sure. I guess that’s one way to leave a reminder for yourself!

Here’s a card you won’t see very often. This French Foil Stoneforge Mystic from Worldwake came in, and I was absolutely stunned to see just how clean it is. With all the buzz around Stoneforge’s possible unban in the past few weeks, I’m surprised we saw something this rare come through.

Coming hot off the heels of Ravnica Allegiance’s release, here’s a full set of the Mythic Edition Planeswalkers. As was the case with Guilds of Ravnica, these renditions of iconic Planeswalkers from recent sets bring a gorgeous redesign to some of Magic’s most beloved characters. I especially like the Tamiyo here.

Now, for the grand finale! Like I was saying earlier, this week had so many cards to choose from for the weekend review, but there were so many cards here to single out. Instead, I’ll just share some choice shots from a bunch of buylists this week to wrap things up.

Let me know which of these crazy piles is your favorite in the comments! I know which one I’d pick. That does it for this week! Join me next Friday to get another sweet dosage of cool Magical Cards. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberrymtg if you want to see extra goodies and spoilers for next week’s article. Peace!