ABU’s Cash Rewards Program – The Ins & Outs

The more Cash Purchases you make the higher the Rewards Level discounts you will receive on MTG Singles as well as all other Store Items.

Frequently Asked Questions

— How do I sign up?

You are already enrolled if you have an account.  If you don’t have an account, create one today for free and you will be automatically enrolled.  Be sure to be logged into your account when making purchases to get rewarded!

— What is considered a “Cash Purchase”?

When you make an order and pay with a Cash Payment (Credit Card, Paypal, Crypto, or Check) it is considered a Cash Purchase.  Your order with partial credit and Cash Payment will receive points towards your rewards level equal to the Cash Payment part of the order.

—  Are my past purchases applied to my rewards balance?

Yes!  Points have been applied to your Rewards Level for all Cash Purchases on your account from when our new website was launched on March 1st, 2018.   If you are not seeing the Rewards Level you expect please contact customer service.

— How do I check my Balance?

View your account to see your current Balance.

—  How long do my Rewards Program points last? 

Points accrued from Cash Purchases expire 12 months after they are applied.  Some promotional points expire when the promotion ends.

—  When are points applied to my rewards balance?

Your Rewards Level is recalculated during checkout to include your previous balance plus your current order.  Rewards Points to be earned from an order in processing will be applied to your account once it has been completed.

— Level 12 is $100,000? Who is gonna ever reach that!?

With some old vintage cards going for well over $10,000 as well as many people looking at Magic cards as a long term investment reaching these high levels is not some absurd possibility.  We have tried to make our rewards program give great rewards at levels most customers can reach as well as at the top tiers for serious high end collectors.

—  Why doesn’t the discount apply to trade and store credit orders?

We value all our customers including those that mainly make trades.  We try to offer the best trade rates possible and cannot apply additional discounts.  This program is designed to reward customers that make Cash Purchases.

Terms and Conditions

Discounts not available for in retail store event entry fees, gift cards, or gift wrapping fees.

We reserve the right to alter or remove this program at any time.