Hey all, it’s Friday once more, and that means it’s time to go over this week’s haul! If you read last week’s article, you’d know we’re coming off of some of the craziest trade-ins we’ve seen. I don’t know if this week tops it, but it makes a good case. You’ll see why in a bit!

I’ll start off with something juicy here. Our week opened with something that you don’t often get the chance to see as a sealed product. This is a display box of Revised Starter Decks. These come with 10 sealed Starter Decks, which each include 2 Rares, 13 Uncommons, and 45 Commons. What’s special about these is that you have a chance at opening any two Rares out of the set, which can include Dual Lands. While some would say it’s not as impressive as the sealed box of Revised we had last week, I think this far more unique a product as a sealed set.

Speaking of Duals, here are two beautiful Alpha Taigas. While a bit worn on the backs, the face of these look great while still coming in at Heavily Played. I’ve always been intrigued by the red-green splotch above the text box, it’s kind of a strange printing error. It’s cool little things like that that really make this job so fascinating sometimes! I get to see it all! I showed Joe, our Content Production Manager, and he started drooling. Don’t worry though, I made sure that he didn’t get any drool on these sweet cards!

Taiga does a great job of casting these next cards. Here we have a set of Beta Birds of Paradise. Also coming in at Heavily Played, but very sleeve playable. We got Llanowar Elves back into Standard with the release of Dominaria, and I’m hoping that we may get Birds of Paradise as well. This card is so iconic to Green as a whole. If it did get a reprint into Standard, these would be an awesome addition.

Now, it’s for the shiny stuff! Battle for Zendikar blessed us with Expedition Lands and drove pack openings like very few sets before it. While the mechanics and card quality of the set overall may be a bit lackluster, the biggest thing BFZ has going for it is the chance to open any of these gorgeous lands. I took a quick shot of these collected, but I believe Misty Rainforest deserves special mention, as it features one of the most beautiful pieces of art out of the entire collection. Ryan Yee’s work here is outstanding!

Last but not least, we have a repeat offender from last week. In fact, here we get the chance to complete a playset with 3 more NM Mishra’s Workshops. If you’ve got the spare change, a playset of these at Near Mint will run you a modest sum of $14999.96 (before taxes and shipping). Isn’t Vintage so cool and affordable? Jokes aside, this card still remains one of the most powerful pieces in Magic’s history, and was a treat to see!

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Join me next week to see what comes in! You can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberry to see some extra goodies from the week, as well as previews for next week’s article. Peace!