Cool Stuff We Bought This Week 2/9/19 – 2/15/19

Hey all, Chroberry here, back again with another look into the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! It’s been kind of a crazy one. I had a lot of options this week, but I tried to show off some more rare pieces for you guys here. Anyways, let’s take a look!

Shout out to all of our fans whose yards look like this right now!

First up we’ve got this gorgeous set of Winter Mishra’s Factory from Antiquities. Of the four available variants, this is considered the most desirable, and most expensive! Personally, I think this is the best looking of all of them, although the Fall version isn’t too bad either. While art is just a preference, the big reason why these are so much more expensive is due to their sub rarity in the set. Summer, Fall, and Winter only appear on the uncommon sheet once, as opposed to twice with the Spring variant. A set of these frozen factories at Near Mint will run you $2600, or $649.99 each. I guess you could say it costs to be cool.

If you’re done groaning at that terrible joke, here’s something to brighten your mood. This Modern Masters 2015 Noble Hierarch is simply awesome. I know many people prefer their cards to be in English, but I am not one of those people. I’m not typically a green player, but if I played a deck with Noble Hierarch in it, I’d want a full set of these. There’s also a hidden buff that this card gets for being printed in Japanese! Modern Masters 2015 is infamous for its awful card stock and print quality, but the Japanese and Chinese printings of this set feature a different printing process. This card doesn’t look like it came out of a tube of Pringles like the English variants tend to.

This is a bit of a mundane detail, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. Every now and then, I’ll open a buylist and see something unique in how it was shipped. Most of our mail-in buylist customers opt to package their cards in plastic cases, deck boxes, bundle/fat pack boxes, etc. I thought this was a funny and creative way to separate and hold a bunch of different buylists amidst a ton of bubble wrap. There were about a dozen of these in the box, and I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken to cut up basic lands to makes these.

Every blue mage’s nightmare, it’s Nether Void! I’ve written about Nether Void in this series before, and my opinion still hasn’t changed. Why on Earth does Legends have so many horribly oppressive enchantments in it?! There aren’t too many formats where a card like Nether Void is viable, let alone legal for play, but I wish I never had to play against this card. You haven’t known true suffering until you’ve stared down the field at your opponent’s Nether Void in tandem with The Abyss, all while an animated Mishra’s Factory makes short work of you. EDIT: Someone has brought it to my attention that you may not have two World Enchantments on the table at the same time. Somebody owes me a free win!

Ah yes, my favorite Old School creature makes its way through our mail again. Three mana and one life a turn for the most efficient beater in 93/94. Call me uncultured, but I’d rather play with the Revised green printing instead. Even though this is the correct art for the card from Arabian Nights, I still can’t look at this without thinking it’s wrong!

Last but not least, here’s an exciting look at a buylist we got from our very own Dane Jensen! I came to work on Wednesday to find a very solemn Dane, and I couldn’t figure out why. After I got back from lunch, he asked me to process a very shiny buylist for him. He looked a little sad handing over the deck box containing this fully pimped out Prossh EDH deck. I had to inquire further about why he was selling it, and this was his response:

Prossh was my first competitive Commander and me and a group of Boise Commander players created a game type called “Bling Bling Magic”, where you had to have the highest value of each card in your deck, all foiled out if possible. It took me years, and plenty of trading to get it to this point, and it kinda breaks my heart to have to sell it! I’m trying to get together a decent down payment for a house and selling magic cards as investments for bigger things like a house can be super useful! That doesn’t stop it from hurting a little when you’ve put so much time and effort into your collection though!

– Dane Jensen, Social Media Manager

That does it for this week! Join me next Friday to get another sweet dosage of cool Magical Cards. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberrymtg if you want to see extra goodies and spoilers for next week’s article. Peace!