Cool Stuff We Bought This Week 11/10/18-11/16/18

Hey there everybody! Another Friday has come to pass, and that means it’s time for another review of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! This week was a real doozy, as we saw quite a few interesting and unique cards come through in the mail, as well as some sweet sealed product! With Ultimate Masters on the horizon for the holiday season, people are once again shipping the good stuff to get store credit for a chance to crack open those sweet box toppers.

These are toooo sweet.

First off, here’s a nice playset of Foil, Artist Signed, Onslaught Polluted Deltas. Does it get any more premium than this? As if they weren’t rare enough, the Rob Alexander Signature on top really takes the cake. I’m not one for foils usually, but I wouldn’t mind having these in my collection at all. Simply gorgeous! These came in at a mixture of Near Mint and Slightly Played.

What a beaut!

On the subject of Artist Signatures, here’s one from Drew Tucker, on a pretty clean Beta Plateau. Unlike the Revised edition of this card, which featured a different art wrongly attributed Tucker instead of the actual artist Cornelius Brudi, this one sports the classic pile of rocks featured in the original Alpha printing. The colors on this card absolutely pop, too.

That’s a lot of Goyfs!

This is what Joe’s nightmares are made of.

With all the excitement around Ultimate Masters in the past week, a lot of people were worried about the price of many Modern and Legacy staples. When everyone learned that all the cards featured in the box topper series were going to actually be in the set, a lot of people got trigger happy and dumped them. That’s a whole lot of Goyf.



We’re getting towards the finale, and that means it’s time for the sick stuff. This Alpha Demonic Tutor is absolutely stunning. I can’t say I’ve seen too many of these, let alone in such fantastic condition. Even cooler, we got a copy of its slightly younger brother on the same day. To this day, this is still the best way to take any card into your hand. Just remember to reshuffle your library afterward.

But what if it’s a boat?

I never thought I’d see another one, but here’s a nice sealed box of Revised! I find it truly impressive that people can manage to keep the shrink wrap mostly intact on these things, given the age of the product. A sweet collector’s piece for sure, and all for the low low price of $9599.99! Just remember that even though this mystery box has a boat on the top, doesn’t mean it will actually contain a boat, and by boat, I mean the Dual Lands that you’re really wanting. A playset of each Dual will run you about the same price – food for thought.


Last up is this Gem, a BGS 9.5 Candelabra of Tawnos. Week after week, I fail to take a picture not riddled with glare from the plastic case, but trust me when I say this Candle is the tops. Close inspection reveals a 9 on edges being the lowest grade, with everything else at 9.5. Magnificent!

What crazy haul this week! Thanks for joining me on another weekly roundup of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week. Join me next Friday to see more! As always, you can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberrymtg if you want to see extra goodies and spoilers for next week’s article. Peace!