Cool Stuff We Bought This Week: 11/03/18-11/9/18

Hey there everyone, welcome to another weekly recap of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! Last week we took a short break from the regular format, but we’re back with some pretty sweet stuff from the week. If you liked the small detour from the norm, fear not! We’ll have some fun one-offs in the very near future. Anyways, let’s get down to business!

Probably the most commonly seen piece of Power for us, it’s Mox Ruby! I’ve had the opportunity to see a few of these, but this one is so incredibly clean! If you’re in the market, we’ve still got this one in stock at time of writing. Shoutouts to the Horseshoe Crab that protected it during its journey to us.

Maybe the second most common piece of Power we receive is Time Walk. Unlike Mox Ruby, this one never seems to stay in stock. I think we’ve bought in about two or three of these a week, but they ship right out the door within the day, no matter the condition. This copy came in at Near Mint.

Hit it with the Fork, Skrr Skrr Skrr!  Moving on, we have an Alpha Fork, in a pretty rough condition at Heavily Played. Pretty nice considering what most Alpha cards look like these days. I love effects like this, as they can lead to some pretty crazy stack interactions. The only thing that really bothers me about this card is that it depicts someone eating cookies with a Fork. Who does that?

Another sweet rare from Alpha, Mana Flare! This one also comes in at Heavily Played. While you will normally see doubling mana effects on Green cards these days, things were a little different back in the day. The color pie and the mechanics we associate with each color weren’t as clearly defined, with many abilities such as ritual effects and direct damage moving around.

Now this is a card! Only an 8.5 BGS grade for this, but still, it’s a Beta Time Vault! Only one small nick on the bottom left edge brings this one down from what would likely be a 9. Great card overall, though! Definitely pairs well with Voltaic Key for some infinite turns.

Last but not least, we have a nice pair of Chains of Mephistopheles! These came in at Near Mint, super clean. I had this card resolved against me in a game of Legacy the other night. You don’t know real pain until you top deck a Ponder or Brainstorm with this card on the table after having your whole hand Hymn’d away.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week! Thanks for joining me on another weekly roundup of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week. Join me next Friday to see more! As always, you can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberrymtg if you want to see extra goodies and spoilers for next week’s article. Peace!