Cool Stuff We Bought This Week 10/20/18-10/26/18

Hey all, Chroberry here with another weekly recap of the Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! While the setting of Magic is currently Fall in Ravnica, this week I’d like to take a quick spiritual journey back to Innistrad to get into the spirit of Halloween! I’ll be highlighting some of the spookiest pieces of cardboard this week, along with some cool highlights, including the highest dollar buylist I’ve seen yet!

Foil Cavern of Souls!

Let’s kick things off with this beauty, a Foil Cavern of Souls from Avacyn Restored. This one was absolutely pristine, too! Every tribal deck wants a few of these, as you can get any named creature type through your blue opponent’s pesky countermagic. I get pretty terrified whenever a Fish opponent says “I’ll tap Cavern for a blue to cast True-Name Nemesis, name you.”


Here we have a nice pile of booster packs from The Dark, one of Magic’s earlier expansions. This set has some of Magic’s most terrifying spells, such as Frankenstein’s Monster, The Fallen, Rag Man, and Lurker. Perhaps the scariest card from The Dark you could play against is Blood Moon, especially when you have no basic lands on the table. Blood Moon puts real fear into you, so much so that you’ll be fetching basics Game 2 whenever possible.

The Abyss

This next one is a favorite of many in the buylist office, The Abyss. This particular one is from the Italian printing of Legends. For those of you who can’t read Italian, L’Abisso is an enchantment that forces each player to sacrifice a creature at the beginning of their upkeep. This pairs very nicely with Mishra’s Factory, or any other Creature-Land, to get around the drawback.

All Hallows Eve!

What spoopy Halloween buylist article would be complete without a copy of All Hallow’s Eve? It’s got a creepy Jack-O-Lantern, a ghoulish ghost, and a menacing gargoyle. Again, I’ll provide a translation.
“Sorcery – Put two counters on this card. Remove a counter during your upkeep. When you remove the last counter from All Hallow’s Eve, all players take all creatures from their graveyards and put them directly into play. Treat these creatures as though they were just summoned. You choose what order they come into play.”
Basically, this is a mass reanimation spell with Suspend 2, but printed far before Time Spiral would introduce this as an official mechanic.

Sengir Vampire

Another classic spooktacular card is Sengir Vampire. I feel the same skin-crawling feeling every time I look at this card. The Nosferatu influence is apparent, far more unsettling and gruesome than the Twilight style vampires we are accustomed to seeing in sets like Innistrad, or the Conquistador variants in Ixalan. This Beta copy came in at Slightly Played, not bad for a card of its age.

That’s… a LOT of Duals

The last pickup I’d like to share isn’t necessarily spooky, unless you start pondering the reason as to why someone would dump so many reserved list cards at once, but it was still pretty awesome to see. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Revised Duals at once. I’m lucky enough to have a few of these in my personal collection, but seeing this many at once was truly stunning. I’ll leave y’all to guess how much money in cardboard is here, but I can safely say that shipping these might get you a nice down payment on a new house.


Now that you’re sufficiently spooked, take a spin over to my Twitter or Instagram @chroberry to see some extra goodies from the week, as well as previews and supplementary content for next week’s article. Don’t forget to join me every Friday for another weekly roundup. Peace!