Hey all! Guilds of Ravnica is finally upon us this Friday, but that also means it's time for our weekly review of Cool Stuff We Bought This Week! People are gearing up to trade in for the good stuff from the new set as well as our fantastic old school inventory, so we got in a fantastic selection of cards this week.

Beta Volcanic Island

The most impressive pickup this week has to be this Beta Volcanic Island. I've spoken about this one before in a previous article, but I'll say it again. This is definitely my favorite Dual Land, speaking as a self-described Izzet Mage. The most premium version of the card is this one, although the new Steam Vents from Guilds of Ravnica does an alright impression of it if you're not willing to pony up the 15k to take one of these home.

Onslaught Foil Bloodstained Mire

If you're ever looking to fetch up your Beta Volcanic, an Onslaught Foil Bloodstained Mire can find it. This card came in quite crispy at Near Mint! The Onslaught version of the Allied Fetchlands demand quite the luxury tax but look so gorgeous. A quick stock check shows that someone already snapped this beauty up, but not surprising in the least.

Ica Age Starter Deck

Moving on to some sealed product, we have a sealed display of Ice Age starter decks! There aren't too many incredibly valuable cards to rip out of a pack of Ice Age, but something like this being intact decades later is pretty impressive. This set gave us Legacy all-stars like Brainstorm and Pyroblast, as well as the insanity that is Necropotence. It also came along with one of the absolute cheesiest commercials of all time. This one is worth a watch if you can handle some low budget acting.

Beta Lightning Bolt

Lastly, I'd like to show off my favorite card in arguably it's most desired printing, Beta Lightning Bolt. To myself and many others, this card is the most iconic spell in the game, aside from maybe Black Lotus and the Power Nine. This one comes in at PLD-SP condition but looks pretty great considering its age. Simply awesome!

A pair of Serendib Efreets

Here's a great pair of Serendib Efreets from Arabian Nights. An Old School staple of any Blue deck that wants a cheap and efficient beater. Other than foreign revised printings, this is the only way to get this art in Black Border. Be prepared to pay that life every turn, and to cry when your opponent resolves an Icy Manipulator or Stasis!
That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Join me next week to see what comes in! You can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberry to see some extra goodies from the week, as well as previews for next week’s article. I'm confident I'll have some fantastic new Guilds of Ravnica cards to show off to you. Until then, here's a small teaser from the Prerelease last week, featuring members of Team ABU showing off some stellar pulls. Peace!